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The First Episode of Questin aka Questin alpha.
First Episode Ever
Author's comments: I was terrible at shading during this time. My color selection wasn't that great either. The format was too huge. I would have had to cram like two jokes into that thing. What's great is that I still use those tiles, hehe. I guess they weren't that bad.

Questin Beta: The First Three
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Author's comments: The pixel style used is bascially what I use now. The format was still too big. I think I was trying to fit it in 8x10. I took a large hiatus to work on my degree. Thankfully, I graduated a year later. Sadly, I only got 2 updates done.

Scrapped: The First Two Comics
Episode 1
Episode 2
Author's comments: These were the first two comics I made using the current format. I did not like the direction I took for the start. I was going to have Chance have these dreams with a girl in a field with flowers. Then I was going to have Chance have spider senses or visions as I would like to call them. I decided to scrap those ideas when I couldn't come up with anything after those two.

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