These guys make up the wild world of Questin. Some of them are actual mercenaries while some of them are affiliated with a country.

Part of the Knights of Strife, one of the oldest mercenary groups in the world. He's an average merc at best. He has an obssession with exploring and he can not engage in close quarter combat. Both of those faults prevent him from reaching the top.

Also part of the Knights of Strife. He's a mediocre mercenary at best. He's very competent in combat, but his attitude is what brings him down. Blake is a little reckless with his partner's well-being. He even brings that reckless abandon to missions as well. These problems lead him towards a life of worry over his job.

A fugitive running from the Empire's forces for a crime that she was tied into. Prior to her criminal status, Sierra was a very gifted Priestess in Training. She's not a fighter type, but she can be very strong when she's angry.

Captain of Unit 6 of the Empire. He is respected within the Empire for holding together the strongest military unit. He is quite humble for a man of his caliber.

He is the second seat in Unit 6 of the Empire. Appropriately, his strength is second to that of Captain Saber. His desire to fight and his cruel nature prevent him from being captain of his own unit.

He is the third seat in Unit 6. Despite his rank, Saile is still strong enough to hold his own against anyone in the Empire. Because of his natural ability, he despises easy assignments.

Captain Caliburn of Unit 1. He was a common soldier that rose above the ranks to hold a high position in the army. His story is an inspiration to all that aspire to become a hero in the Empire. Despite his reputation being so great, he wears a hood to keep his face from being revealed. Plenty of rumors surface over his looks.

Rank 3 of the Knights of Strife. A very fearsome lady. She takes missions that only interest her, which prevents any promotions or increases in rank. Fortunately, they're the most dangerous missions that no one dares undertake. Fun fact: According to Blake, she has the strongest punch in all of Strife.

Captain of the Port City Army. A young man with great optimism that's able to bring forth light to the darkest of moments... You could also say he's about as naive as a child. Take your pick. Despite that flaw, he's competent tactician which is one of the reasons why he's rose as captain of the Port City Army.

The antithesis of Ciel. A very caring individual. Her belief in justice is so great it becomes a fault of hers. She often take missions beyond her skills, but her success outweighs her failures which puts her at Rank 9.

The administrator of Strife. He's in charge of handing out missions, taking care of Strife's rank system, and juggling all scouting reports on various enemies.

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