The Author
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Hi, I'm the author of this little web comic. You probably noticed that it's done in pixel art. This is due to the fact that I'm not great at drawing. I probably would have been good at drawing, but those skills never developed. Instead, I played more with pixels than my handy paper and pencil. I blame Mario Paint, MS Paint, and a little animator program on my old computer for turning out this way. But hey! I kinda like being able to play with pixels.

I like playing videogames. My favorite genre is of course RPG's. I have taken a huge liking to jRPG's. They're one of the inspirations for this comic. I currently play a Wii, PS3, DS, and a PSP. I love portable gaming because I can poop and still play final fantasy tactics. The greatest game ever created is Super Mario Brothers 3. The greatest RPG is a tie between Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3/6.

I'm a big Los Angeles Laker fan. I have been bleeding purple and gold since they brought over Shaq. I also like watching football as well. My favorite teams right now are of course the 49'ers (who make me cry every season) and the Chargers. Yeah, I'm a big California guy. =P

I love reading manga. As long as it's interesting, I'll read despite what type of genre it is. My current favorite is One Piece. The story-telling is amazing. It's also my second inspiration for making this comic.

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