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March 27, 2009
Just thought I'd send off a little warning. Chapter 100 is coming and it's not looking to be anything special. I mean it's special to me because I never thought I'd get it to 100 chapters without quitting, but to the reader it's just another chapter to progress the story. So in the end, don't expect anything special for update 100. Just hope I can plan better for the next 100. =)

March 18, 2009
Yeah, yeah, yeah... I owe you guys a chapter. If it's any consolation, I'm feeling a lot better. =D

March 15, 2009
So, I got some bad news to bring. It's nothing big... Just you know... I'm sick and I have to postpone the update. The coughing, stuffy nose, sleep deprevation, headaches, cut into my copy and pasting comic making time. Don't worry. I'll have the update done sometime.

January 2, 2009
Nothing to report other than to say hello to the new year. I also wanted to get the standard first post of the year out of the way. Looking at the last two comics, I must update the cast page pretty soon...

December 29, 2008
I'm back! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. BTW, I'm not taking New Years off so there will be regular updates until further notice.

December 22, 2008
Hello gang! I've come to bear some good news and some bad news. Let's break the bad news first. Christmas is coming soon and that means another break from the comic. Your bad news for the day is that updates will be suspended... indefinitely... for the holiday week.... That means today is the only planned update. I hope all 12 of you will be strong without any updates for the rest of the week.

Now the good news is that today's update (which coincidently comes out to number 60. O_O) includes the new artwork I was talking about. I mentioned I was unsatisfied with all the art I've been using for past few weeks. Here is some of the new stuff! I managed to improve my tiling so it doesn't looks like complete crap. And as you can see, the sprite style changed slightly. I thought a bolder outline should keep it from blending too much and it thankfully it looks good.

December 19, 2008
I finally stopped being distracted and updated the cast section with Ciel's profile. By the way, I plan on changing up the art. The sprites will come with a bolder outline so they'll be more distinguishable. I was getting tired of them blending in too much with my tiles.

December 8, 2008
My internet was gone the whole night. Thus, the later than usual update. It's still the 8th, so that means I'm not late!

December 1, 2008
I have returned!

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